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"THE STORY OF 42ND STREET" "A definitive work on a street that captured and enriched the American imagination." (Howard Kissell)

On a Sunday morning, the Eltinge Theatre on 42nd Street is towed West, toward 8th Avenue, to become the site of the AMC movie complex.

A collaboration between Alexis Greene and the late historian Mary C. Henderson, THE STORY OF 42ND STREET is full of rich details about the twelve glorious theaters that rose on Forty-second Street between 1893 and 1920. From that unique impresario Oscar Hammerstein I to the spectacular, but self-defeating actor John Barrymore; from diminutive, inventive playwright Anita Loos to the extraordinary female impersonator Julian Eltinge, Forty-second Street was a vivid gathering place for the talents that built the commercial theater in the early years of the twentieth century. Here are characters, history, stories, and over 150 photographs to delight the reader.